Lori Millam is now an official RamseyTrusted ELP!

This means the Ramsey Solutions team has fully vetted Lori as someone they trust and recommend for any of your real estate needs and goals.

What does this mean and why is it important to you and your real estate goals?

There is a lot of value to working with a REALTOR® who is trusted by the Ramsey team. It means the Ramsey team knows how Lori conducts business and how she routinely goes out of her way to exceed the Millam Group clients’ service needs and expectations — their endorsement and the RamseyTrusted shield proves it.


Being recognized as a RamseyTrusted ELP means Lori held to a higher standard than other REALTORS in the marketplace. It means Lori…

  • Values serving over selling.
  • Has the heart of a teacher.
  • Consistently receives stellar reviews from Ramsey fans she works with.
  • Will be alongside you on your journey – from start to finish.
  • Is always completely in line with the Ramsey mission.
  • Provide top-notch service – not some time, but every time.
  • Works directly with the Ramsey team to make sure she continues to meet their high standards.

Here are some additional common questions and answers about the RamseyTrusted endorsement.

RamseyTrusted FAQs


Still have questions? Reach out to Lori Millam to learn more about her, her team, and the undeniable real estate service and success they can provide.