You’ll often find a little snippet of a market update on our social media profiles a couple times a month, but we thought it would make it more meaningful to hear why the market is behaving the way it is in certain markets.

This week we’re talking about end of the year activities (2020) in the community of Elk River.


We’re seeing an average of 20% equitable growth across the Elk River area market in 2020.

And, we expect that growth to remain strong in 2021. It may not stay as high, but we’re still going to see some growth over the year in this market and for that reason, making a move in and around Elk River remains to be a good goal for both home buyers and sellers.

Of course, every home and property comes with its own market projection, and every neighborhood is impacted differently during variable times of the year.

So, if you’re a current homeowner and you want a better understanding of the expected market on your property today, make sure to give us a free call to discuss this further.