This summer is a hot time to get your home on the market. Inventory is moving quickly, and you have moments to make a first impression with a buyer. 

Here are our top 3 tips to ensure your home is ready for sale this summer!


TIP #1

DE-CLUTTER & DE-PERSONALIZE – Get rid of the bulky and dated items around your home. Get rid of all the little extra knickknacks and photos. Buyers need to be able to see themselves in your home, not your personal life story coming through.


TIP #2

LANDSCAPING & STREET APPEAL – Clean out the overgrowth, trim the lawn to a healthy length, add pops of color with a few annuals in a window box, hanging plant from the porch, or along your walkway.


TIP #3

PAINT – Make sure you neutralize the colors and stay away from trendy colors which are a very personal choice and do not offer a universal appeal. You need to appeal to the masses, so again, a buyer can see themselves able to move right in to this space and add their own personal touches, but do not feel they HAVE to make changes. Remove wallpaper, colored trim, gold or brass fixtures should also be replaced.



PAINT – Get the home professionally cleaned – deep cleaned before you put it on the market and those showing requests start rolling in.

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